About Rivergate Tower

The Rivergate Tower is a 31-story, 515,965 square foot, Class A, office building with an attached 5-story pavilion, located in downtown Tampa, Florida. The property is a distinctive office building and a downtown landmark uniquely identified by its cylindrical shape. Parking consists of 735 covered parking spaces.


  • The building is one of the tallest limestone buildings in the world.
  • At sunset, the building's limestone facade glows yellow-orange.
  • The building's cylindrical design was intended to symbolize a lighthouse on the Tampa skyline.
  • Concentric circles in the building's lobby mark distances of time and space in the form of a sundial, and is identical on the ceiling and floor.
  • Despite the building's cylindrical design, a linear grid wraps around the building's facade.
  • The building's measurements and numerical sequences are based on the Fibonacci series (where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers).
  • The building's 1,880 windows and 13 feet from floor to floor resemble the building's mathematical basis on the Fibonacci series.
  • The building's top five floors have thin rose-colored glass notches that offer views over the city.
  • The building has floor to ceiling windows with a thick concrete band horizontally separating them, which gives the appearance of two smaller windows.
  • This building was designed by Harry Wolfe.