Routine small deliveries may be made between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Large deliveries (large size or large quantity) are to be coordinated 24 to 48 hours in advance through the Management Office.

  1. Passenger elevators cannot be used for deliveries. A designated (freight) elevator will only be reserved with prior notice from the Management Office. All material deliveries must be made through the loading dock and service elevators. The same route must be used when exiting the building.
  2. All materials must be taken directly from the loading dock to the delivery location via the service elevators. No materials of any kind are permitted to be stored or piled in any hallway or loading area. Materials found in these areas will be removed and stored or discarded at owner’s expense.
  3. Movement of materials should be by rubber-wheeled carts where possible and handled in such a way as not to cause damage to painted surfaces, floors and walls.
  4. Deliveries requiring a loading dock, parking facility or dollies should be made via the loading dock located in the parking garage. Please be aware that the loading dock can accommodate trucks with a maximum length of 44’ long and a height limit of 13’10’’. If larger, they will be unable to enter due to the dimensions.

The capacity and dimension of the service elevators are as follows:

Elevators North and South:

Weight Capacity 6,500 lbs.
Width 6 feet
Height 12 feet
Depth 9 feet

Please notify your delivery company of our building delivery requirements in advance in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.